Where to find a dispensary in the U.S.? Well we have a great site that's has been the cannabis travelers secret for a few years. is a great site to visit before you take your next cannabis vacation. There you can find a ton of info on cannabis friendly hotels, find dispensaries near you, find cannabis tours to take or even find a great glass shop to hit and get a local artists piece. They also have a great blog with a ton of information on marijuana vacations and travel. Find tips on what to take, what to expect when you walk into a store, what types of weed work best and many other cannabis friendly articles for you are there.

They have a great section that will even teach the one who think they know it all on their "Cannabis for Dummies" section. this entire section of 7 pages will show you some more insight into the plant, hashish, oils and many other things. the videos on each lesson are great to remember the subject matter. 

You can also book your cannabis friendly hotel right from the sight as they have resourced the information for you and all you have to do is pick the hotel you want and follow it to the sourced site to purchase it. If you own a recreational cannabis dispensary you should get a free listing there as the site ranks well for those types of search terms and the marketing it can bring you is FREE. Also if you own a house you want to rent out, or own a hotel or campground you want the cannabis traveler to know your friendly this is the site to list on. FREE!!

You can purchase small packages to get your listing shown on the front page and in the side bar also they have a very reasonable PPC ad structure there as well.

When you need to make sure to stop over and check out for any of your cannabis vacation needs